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Benefits of PureMSM Equine in osteoarthritis
PureMSM Equine is a nutritional supplement which provides ultra pure (99.8%) pharmaceutical grade MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane). It contains no fillers or any other substances.

PureMSM Equine is a form of organic, naturally-occurring, bioavailable sulfur, and is found in most plants and animals. Sulfur is an important component of the building blocks for the production and repair of cartilage (an important component of joints), skin, hair, ligaments and tendons.

MSM has anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial in arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. In various types of cells in vitro, including chondrocytes (cartilage cells that secrete the matrix of cartilage), MSM has been shown to reduce the production of chemicals that promote inflammation. MSM has been found to have positive effects in a number of animal models of arthritis (either spontaneous or experimentally-induced in mice, rats and rabbits) and other inflammatory diseases such as colitis (inflammation of the colon) in rats, as well as experimentally-induced inflammation of the liver and lungs in mice and rats.

MSM has antioxidant activity, reducing the production of free radicals that can damage cells and tissues, including cartilage. MSM has also been shown to have alleviating effects on known markers of oxidative stress, markers of muscle damage following acute exercise and muscle soreness and/or lameness (studies in horses and humans). Casual observations in the horse study were reported to reveal an increase in hoof growth and improved hair coat.

PureMSM Equine is a convenient and easy to use powder that you add to your horse's food.

Studies in animals with osteoarthritis
PureMSM Equine may help improve joint health and arthritis. In all human clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of MSM in the treatment of osteoarthritis, MSM improved at least some of the measured parameters compared to either pre-treatment values or placebo.

In a study in racing standardbreds, MSM was found to improve the ability of muscle to rebound from exercise stress as revealed by serum markers of muscle damage and by infrared thermography which is a measurement of surface temperature that reflects the underlying tissues, with an increase in thermal gradients reflecting inflammation.

MSM may also have anti-cancer activity as it has been shown to decrease the growth of breast cancer cells (human) in vitro.

Prevention is better than cure!

How safe is PureMSM Equine ?
PureMSM Equine is a natural, effective, cost effective, proven nutritional supplement of low toxicity and high intakes are normally well tolerated, with no adverse effects observed. PureMSM Equine assists in keeping your horse active, flexible, mobile and pain free.