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100% pure and natural
100% pure and natural, ProBioHealth is a concentrate of a specially selected strain of live yeast (100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae). ProBioHealth is highly stable because inside the microspheres created by a unique drying process, the live yeast cells are protected from heat and moisture by a layer of dead cells. This also means that the yeast is not killed by the acid stomach of the horse but reaches the large intestine (its site of action) alive.

ProBioHealth is laboratory tested and has been extensively researched for safety and efficacy. This cost-effective supplement has been developed to assist in keeping your horse's gut in optimal health, naturally.

ProBioHealth is convenient and easy to use. Just add to your horse's feed.

It is is a cost-effective, premium supplement.

Effects of ProBioHealth on fermentation, digestion, laminitis & behaviour
ProBioHealth improves fermentation in the horse’s large intestine making the digestion of commonly fed forages such as hay and chaff more efficient. ProBioHealth may also help reduce digestive problems, reduce the propensity to develop laminitis and improve behaviour.

Digestive and metabolic disorders are very common in the domestic horse and are often due to the way we feed our horses, often involving ingestion of large distinct meals rather than continuous ingestion of herbage for which the horse’s gastrointestinal tract has evolved. Cereal grains are also often fed to performance horses. They contain abundant starch, leading to a greater production of propionate and lactate and reduced digesta pH.

ProBioHealth's action in improving the digestion of commonly fed forages such as hay and chaff appears to be due to stabilisation of the microorganisms and other conditions (such as pH) in the large intestine, stimulation of the natural fermentative activity, and optimisation of the function of the large intestine.

Study using ProBioHealth on horse behaviour
In a study (cross-over design) in 8 stabled horses, the feeding of ProBioHealth improved behavioural scores. Horses were observed over 5 days during normal management tasks and were each scored by three separate individuals on a scale of 1-10, where 1 equated to the worst behaviour and 10, the best. The mean behaviour scores of the horses when given ProBioHealth were significantly higher than when they were not supplemented.

Study using ProBioHealth on laminitis in horses
In a pilot study, gas production by faecal samples from laminitic-prone horses incubated with corn starch was decreased when incubations were conducted in the presence of ProBioHealth, while in the same incubations with hay, gas production was increased. These results suggest that ProBioHealth may alter the microorganisms in the large intestine of laminitic-prone horses so that fermentation of starch is reduced which would be beneficial in reducing the development of laminitis in laminitic-prone horses.